Booking Steps
Please look up” Room Availability” to check the date
  and the room you want first. And you can use E-mail,
LINE, Wechat or phone to contact us.
We will retain your reservation for 3 days
  (weekends included). Please pay the deposit
(50% of the total room charges) before the retain deadline.
And please pay the 100% of the total room charges as
the deposit while Lunar New Year Festival for us to make
sure your reservation. (Please notice :If not noticing you
have paid the deposit, we will provide others to book the
room. Please make sure after paying the deposit. Or we
might see it as not booking successfully, and we will
be very sorry if others take the reservation .)
If requiring any booking or itinerary questions,
  please call us from 9:00am to 22:00pm. ,We’d love to
provide you advisory. (Super Smokey Cat B&B also needs
enough rest,too. Thank you.)
Booking Notice
We provide 4 guestrooms,2 of them are double rooms,
  the rest are the quad rooms. We supply extra beds if you
Extra blanket and pillow: NT100 per piece.
Please check in with the number of people which you made
  the reservation. Please don’t arbitrarily increase the number
of people. And we don’t accept the visitors.
We don’t accept the pets to stay. If you bring your lovely
  pets with you, please take them to the exclusive pet hotel.
Remittance Information
Bank:CTBC Bank Fengshan Branch
Bank account :3705-3132-2505 Account Name:Peng Ying Lan
Please make a phone call or LINE after your remittance
  for us to make sure your reservation.
Check in :From 15:00pm to 18:00pm Check out :
  Before 11:00 am (If you have to check in after 18:00pm,
please make a phone call for telling your arriving time
with our housekeeper.)
Please show us your credentials for us make a record while
  checking in, and pay the rest of the room charges.
Our homestay is totally legal and equipped with fire
  safety equipment.
In order to maintain the quality of accommodations,
  please don’t chew betel and bring the pets to our homestay.
The public space can be used until 22:00pm. Please low
down the voice after 22:00pm
Please take good care of your personal valuables.
  We don’t take the responsibility if it lost.
Fixed price:Lunar New Year Festival
Holiday:Fridays, Saturdays, Holidays in succession ,
  Summer Vacation from 7/1-8/31
Weekday:Monday through Thursday and Sundays
Don’t bring the illegal drugs such as marijuana…
Cancellation or Extension
Extension:Please notice us one week in advance your
  lodging. We can help to make refunds or you can choose
another day to stay.(We will retain your deposit for 3 months.)
Extension:If there is any natural calamities
  (typhoon or earthquake).
  Once it’s announced by Taitung government,
  we can help to make refunds in full or you can choose another
  day to stay .(We will retain your deposit for 3 months.)
  If not noticing us one week in advance resulting in the lost of
other substitutes, we will deny to make refunds.
Cancellation or Extension:
  If there is natural disaster such as
  typhoon or earthquake on the date you booked.
  (It depends on the announcement by Central Weather Bureau.)
  You can choose another day to stay or make refunds in full.
  If you cancel your booking 14 days in advance can refund 100%
  of deposit;If canceling 10-13 days in advance can refund 70%
  of deposit;If canceling 7-9 days in advance can refund 50%
  of deposit;If canceling 4-6 days in advance can refund 40%
  of deposit;If canceling 2-3 days in advance can refund 30%
of deposit;If canceling one day in advance can refund 20%
of deposit. And we can’t make refunds if you cancel
in the same day you booked.
onsiderate Service
Public Facilities: public refrigerator
In order to keep sanitation , besides replacing the sheets
  and quilts everyday, we also use the first-class Dyson
vacuum cleaner to deal with the dust mites.
In order to protect the environment, we don’t supply
  the refrigerator and bottle water in the room. But you
  can use our public refrigerator and drinking fountain
as much as you want . Little walking can help
to protect the Earth.
We can help to recommend the tourism information
  and book the package car if you need.
+886 918 552 989
Reservation call:0918-552989 Mail:[email protected] 
Address:No.10, Ln. 805, Kaifeng St. , Taitung City, Taitung County 950, Taiwan (R.O.C.)