National Museum of Prehistory is the first established museum by aboriginal culture which building facilities complete and with beautiful environment. And it is the first museum include museums, archaeological sites and natural ecology. And It is the first national museum in Taitung.
Taitung Forest Park is located in Taitung city, it’s also named “Dark Forest Park”. It is casuarina-protected forest initially. It’s environment protected by Taitung government for a long time. And the vehicles are forbidden to go into. But it’s allowed to ride bicycles or walk in the forest. There is a beautiful natural lake, named Pipa Lake. There are different kinds of fish in the clear lake. If you come to Taitung, welcome to “Dark Forest”.
Open14:00pm~22:00pm (Tue~Sun)
Live Band Performance:
20:00pm~22:00(Wed~Sat)/16:00~18:00(Sun) Tiehua Village is a musical tribe nearby. The singers active performance and the innovative market emerge the romantic and artistic night in Taitung. It is the easiest life attitude for you to experience the most beautiful voice in Taiwan.
FengYuan Elementary School is famous of “the most beautiful elementary school” in eastern Taiwan. It’s built in blue and white color, Mediterranean architecture, sharp tilt roof and meticulously-design multilevel arch column and cloister. It is really attractive in the blue sky , white cloud and green tree.
Luye Hill is in Fu Lushan Leisure Farm which in Luye Township, Taitung County. There is very vast field of vision because Fu Lushan Leisure Farm is surrounded by piles of checkerboard-like undulating farmland. Because of the advantage of the topography, the hot air balloon flying activity will be held every year. While the hot air balloon rising, you can see the whole towering Coast Mountains and beautiful Hualien Rift Valley and rivers. It is a fantastic resort.
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